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Founded in the late 1940's, Niagara has been improving people's quality of life for almost half a century.

Established and developed in U.S.A., Niagara id now the largest manufacturer of therapeutic products in the world, with manufacturing bases in the U.K., U.S.A., Canada and Australia, supplying markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, Canada, Australia and Asia, via a multi-national distributor network.

The steady planned growth experienced during its first half century, is continuing, with millions of customers world-wide benefiting from the day to day use of Niagara products.

With a Company policy of continual research and development, using the very latest scientific and electronic equipment, we are totally committed to ensuring the highest of standards in the reliability and effectiveness of all products.

From its earliest days, Niagara has actively encouraged independent medical research in various universities, research institutes and teaching hospitals throughout the world. Time and time again these studies have confirmed the beneficial properties of Niagara products, over a range of conditions and health problems which, according to recently published figures, caused some 20 million visits to the family practitioner in a single year. Examples of the findings of some of these establishments are shown later in this site, many more studies are currently being carried out and new areas of research are constantly under review.

Yet, despite all its plans for future expansion and continuing growth, Niagara has never lost sight of the individual needs of each of its customers. As a Company we are dedicated, through our system of distributors, agents and sales personnel, to caring for our customers on a regular basis.


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