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Rolla-ssage 767 Leisure Lounge Chair

Your solution to everyday stress

Relax and lie back in the luxurious Niagara 767 Leisure Lounge Chair... flip the dial and experience the pleasure as state of the art Niagara massage systems go to work to relieve those sore, aching muscles. Feel the warmth as it gradually melts away the stress and strain caused by today's active lifestyles. Gentle Cyclo-massage action works in three separate directions: up and down, sideways and finally, in a circular motion to rid your body of those everyday tensions. This Leisure Lounge chair from Niagara will add the final touches to your living room or den... featuring all the quality and craftsmanship you've come to expect from an industry leader for more than 42 years. Turn to the next paragraph to discover some of the relaxing features of the Niagara Leisure Lounge chair.
The Niagara 767 Leisure Lounge chair is completely adaptable to your everyday needs. This enables you to choose from the relaxing feature or features that best suit your daily needs. Perhaps you'll select only heat and back massage to relieve the stress of the day. Another time you may decide to treat yourself to a deluxe massage treatment by utilizing all the relaxing features at the same time... the choice is yours.

This popular unit moves up and down... as it gently relaxes you from your neck to the base of your spine. This unit has the built-in flexibility to direct an application of Cyclo-massage to a specific area of need

The Rolla-ssage unit located in the chair back, utilizes a series of specially designed rollers. These are programmed to travel up and down your back exerting just the correct amount of pressure to relax and soothe sore muscles. They also aid in relieving everyday stress and tension!

When used either by itself or with Cyclo-massage units, the radiant heat feature relieves tension and provides temporary comfort from neck and back pains.

The Cyclo-massage feature is located in the chair back, seat and leg rest, and creates comfortable and refreshing wavelike massage that spreads from your neck and shoulders all the way into thighs and lower legs. This feature enables you to take positive steps toward stress reduction.

This feature utilizes an on-board computer to synchronize the Cyclo-massage motors to ease common tension, fatigue and muscle spasms... further reducing stress and encouraging more restful sleep through relaxation.


The conveniently located control panel places all of these relaxing features at the tip of your fingers. Truly one of life's simple pleasures, this Leisure Lounge chair is available in a wide range of styles and colors... with a broad selection of fabrics and durable vinyls to complement your favorite decor. To restore that "great-to-be-alive" feeling... there's a Niagara Leisure Lounge chair that's just right for you.

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