Portable Hand Unit - Model 10N


A Massage Whenever You Need It!

Tension, fatigue, muscle aches and pains...
Few of us can afford to have a masseur on call twenty four hours a day to provide relief from our aches and pains. But, with American Massage Products portable massage equipment, you can enjoy the proven benefits of massage in the comfort and convenience of your own home. - any time you need relief.
American Massage Products uses patented Spheroid Action Massage to produce beneficial results. Unlike a vibrator which produces a single direction, pounding effect, our massage units produce a three-dimensional action. This delivers widely radiating waves of motion that penetrate deeply and smoothly - just like a professional massage!

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Use your soniod massage equipment anytime, anywhere - and as often as you like!
Because its so easy to use, there's no need to schedule a long block of time. Even five minutes of massage action from your portable hand unit may rejuvenate you for hours. Powerful and penetrating, there's no need to disrobe. You can use this equipment at home, at the office or even take it with you on vacation. Read, watch TV, listen to the radio, spend time with your family, or just unwind while you enjoy the relaxing sensation of Soniod massage.

Accessories for greater relaxation
Soft-Use Pillow
Now every portable hand unit comes with its own Soft Use Pillow. This plush little pillow is just the right size to cradle the hand unit when you are trying to massage those hard to reach spots - behind your knees, around your elbows, or near your neck or face. It conforms to the shape of your body so its easier then ever to comfortably massage areas that are hard to reach by yourself.

Scalp Massage can ease headaches
The special scalp cup adapter that comes with every hand massage unit provides a stimulating massage that can help ease headaches without the use of prescription or over the counter pain medications. Just slip the adapter firmly onto the spindle end of your hand unit and turn the motor speed to its lowest setting. Gently massage the entire scalp and enjoy wonderful relief from pain.

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