A Recliner that looks and makes you feel great!

The Model 5 Classic combines the looks and comfort of a traditional recliner with stress-relieving heat and massage therapy. This is a recliner with a difference! You'll be surprised at the firm support that hides beneath the softly cushioned exterior. And you'll be even more surprised at the wonderful relief from everyday aches and pains you'll experience once you relax in an American Massage Products recliner. Our new chaise-style recliner provides extra support to the legs through single, continuous cushioning that extends from seat to footrest without any gaps.

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Factory tested for safety and reliability, the Model 5 Classic uses only the finest American-made parts and is completely assembled at our factory in western New York State. Since the early 1960's we have taken pride in crafting a recliner that will provide you with years of comfort and relaxation. Once you try an American Massage Products recliner, you'll wonder how you lived without it!

How Spheroid Action Massage Works:
Recliners from American Massage Products use patented Soniod technology to provide superior massage capabilities for today's quality-conscious consumers. The Spheroid action produces vertical, horizontal and circular waves of motion that penetrate deeply and smoothly for maximum benefit. This multi-dimensional  massage action helps alleviate fatigue, eases tired legs, feet and back, and provides relief from minor aches and pains.

New! Kneading Action for Greater Relief
Now American Massage Products' precision-crafted rollers simulate the movements of a professional masseuse by providing kneading action - the sensation of pressure and release that's the secret of a good massage. Fingertip controls let you enjoy overall massage or concentrate the action on a troublesome spot. For even greater intensity, the pillow back flips up to allow closer contact with the massage rollers.

The Choice is Yours!
Adjust the controls individually to provide a gentle, relaxing massage with therapeutic heat or increase the intensity and duration for a more penetrating and invigorating massage. Easy-to-use from any position, the control panel tucks away into the chair when not in use.


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